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The Digital Marketing Viewpoint – New York City


ShareHaving just returned from a visit to New York I would like to share with you some things I noticed on the Digital Marketing side of things. Although the States is no longer streets ahead in terms of technology there … Continue reading

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HTML5 – Google Chrome Experiments


Share HTML5 is without being too technical, or getting into the Flash vs HTML5 debate the next revision of HTML. What this means from the average users perspective is that things will just run smoother and more efficiently than before. … Continue reading

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Google Realtime – A Realtime Search Engine for Social Media


ShareBelow Aindreas wrote a great post outlining all the acquisitions Google have made in different markets since 2001. And although Google are never shy about splashing their cash when they spot a good deal, for example Youtube in November 2006 … Continue reading

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Google Acquisition Graphic – Google Are Taking Over The World


ShareHere is a really great Google Acquisition Graphic that shows exactly what the gargantuan search engine has been doing since 2001. Google has been recently snapping up innovative startup companies in social networking, mobile technology and graphical advertising.

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Three Ireland Badly Need Social Media


ShareFollowing on from my previous post about why your business needs social media, I’ve come across a peach of an example to explain to you why Three Ireland badly need Social Media. One of the major golden benefits of social … Continue reading

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Who, What, When and now… Where!


ShareFacebook officially launched its highly anticipated “Places” platform two days ago (18.08.2010). It allows you to check in to different locations (basically they’ve integrated Foursquares USP into their own offering). Places is a location based application that uses geo location … Continue reading

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Your Business Needs Social Media


ShareLet’s keep this simple. If you own a business in Ireland, and people are talking about it on the big bad internet, then your business needs social media in some shape or form. If you’re an entrepreneur who is planning … Continue reading

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Youtube Takeovers


ShareI am a huge fan of Youtube Takeovers. Just to clarify by Youtube Takeover I don’t mean Homepage Takeovers with expandable ads but the ones where the brands implement their own code and host the page on to create … Continue reading

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Advertising is based on one thing: Happiness


ShareThere has never been a truer word spoken! I was watching Ireland’s Mad Men on RTE last night after recording it from the night before. If you don’t know, the show takes a look at the glory days of Irish … Continue reading

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iPhone 4 vs 3GS – A Users Perspective – Is It Worth It ?


Share The iPhone 4 was recently launched in Ireland last Friday 30th July and surprise surprise, I was one of the first people to go out and buy one. I had sold my previous unlocked 16 GB iPhone 3GS for … Continue reading

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