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Can Augmented Reality Save The Print Industry?

ShareThe print industry in Ireland is in a bad way and is tipped to get even worse. Now is the time for them to evolve or else get lost forever. The News Of The World is one such example of … Continue reading

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The World’s First Virtual Museum

Share I came across this on the Digital Buzz Blog yesterday and thought it was really cool and definitely blog worthy. Just under two weeks ago on the 6th of October The Adobe Museum of Digital Media (AMDM) went live.The … Continue reading

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The New Zealand Army Channel on Youtube

ShareIt’s no secret that I am a huge fan of innovative campaigns on Youtube as I outlined in a previous post. So when I came across the official Youtube channel for the New Zealand army I was like a kid … Continue reading

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Digital Round – Up

ShareI gave a presentation in work the other day about recent developments in the digital world. As I was researching what was new I found myself really surprised about how much there was going on at the moment. So I … Continue reading

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You’ve Installed Google Analytics – But is it working?

ShareYou have definitely heard the saying “I know that 50% of my advertising works but I just don’t know which 50%”. The internet is an incredibly powerful medium for marketing products and services. The main reason among others why this … Continue reading

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