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Digital Waves consists of three digital marketeers who love all things digital. The views beds expressed here are our own personal opinions and have absolutely no affiliation with that of our employers.


@Aindreasp loves everything to do with Digital Marketing, is a Google AdWords Professional, specialises in Search but dabbles in all things digital (Email marketing to Social Media and everything in between) on a daily basis as part of his career with @RadicalDublin (Radical Media) especially Search (PPC & SEO). He’s also a self confessed Apple fanatic and the iPhone 4 makes him happy. Outside the geeky stuff, he is an advanced certified scuba diver (The Barrier Reef, New Zealand and Malta are three places he’s conquered so far), loves skiing, football (Manchester United winning makes Aindreas happy), Muay Thai boxing and weight lifting. Apart from that, he’s boring. :)

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In The Name of Father is my favorite film so it probably makes sense that I consider Daniel Day Lewis the greatest actor of all time. I love film and go the cinema quite a bit but do not like all these films that have been released in 3D unnecessarily. I don’t want to see The Shawshank Redemption in 3D!

I also love music. Classic Rock mostly and have seen most of my favorite acts live, including Pearl Jam, AC/DC, Metallica, Paul McCartney, Eric Clapton and others. And of course I have a huge interest in all things digital and how it impacts (both good and bad) on the way people interact with each other and with brands. That started in college and since then I managed to get a job with one of the best agencies in town. After that starting a blog seemed like the next logical step so here it is. I hope you like it and maybe even find it useful! You can also find me on Twitter and LinkedIn or check out my about.me profile!.

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@davidmulligano is a former traditional marketeer who saw the light and switched over to the digital world following a sabatical in North and South America.Everything about Digital Marketing excites him, search marketing is his bread and butter by day with Radical but by night he trawls through the web drooling about other stuff like Augmented Reality and Fully Integrated Marketing Campaigns with Digital at it’s forefront.

Never one to sit still in his own time he enjoys dabbling in a range of activites including mountain biking, golf, surfing, snowboating and has tried his hand at piranha fishing and anacondca hunting to name but a few. His true passion how and ever is Football.Since the age of 6 he has played for a variety of teams including a year with the South Dublin schoolboy team and now plys his trade with Lakelands FC in the Leinster Senior League. His weekend is usually planned around whatever time Manchester United play at and now that he has invested in an iPhone 4 he will never be too far away from live updates so walks in the park might just become an option!

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