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Make Money on Twitter – 50 Cent Style


ShareCelebrities have been making money on tweets since Twitters inception. Not only that but they have been earning plenty of free produce along the way too. Recently though rapper 50 Cent took making money on Twitter to a whole new … Continue reading

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Google Searches 2010


ShareIt’s that time of year again Google have just released their Zeitgeist for 2010. This shows in detail how the world searched in 2010. Google breaks down the categories into fastest rising and falling searches in general, entertainment, people, music … Continue reading

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Square Up: Bringing Personal Banking to a Whole New Level


ShareSquare Up is all the rage in the States these days. This invention is going to change the world! It is a game changer that makes it easy for anybody to accept credit card payments via their iPad, iPhone or soon … Continue reading

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Augmented Reality in Ireland


ShareAugmented Reality is still in its infancy around the world. At present most people on the street wouldn’t be able to tell you what it is and only a few advertisers are experimenting with how they can use it in … Continue reading

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The New Zealand Army Channel on Youtube


ShareIt’s no secret that I am a huge fan of innovative campaigns on Youtube as I outlined in a previous post. So when I came across the official Youtube channel for the New Zealand army I was like a kid … Continue reading

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Review of IE9 – Internet Explorer 9 Beta


ShareInternet Explorer 9 Public Beta was released on the 15th of September 2010 at a special event in San Francisco linked to the idea of ‘the beauty of the web’. The browser however only works on Windows Vista and Windows 7. … Continue reading

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QR Codes – An Introduction


Share In my post about the Digital Marketing Viewpoint in New York I mentioned how QR codes have not quite taken off in popularity yet in Ireland. However there was an announcement made during the week announcing that the Digital … Continue reading

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The Digital Marketing Viewpoint – New York City


ShareHaving just returned from a visit to New York I would like to share with you some things I noticed on the Digital Marketing side of things. Although the States is no longer streets ahead in terms of technology there … Continue reading

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Youtube Takeovers


ShareI am a huge fan of Youtube Takeovers. Just to clarify by Youtube Takeover I don’t mean Homepage Takeovers with expandable ads but the ones where the brands implement their own code and host the page on to create … Continue reading

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