Two TED’s are Better than One!


TED, Ideas Worth SpreadingTED is a non profit organisation that is dedicated to “ideas worth spreading”. It was founded in 1984 with the aim of bringing together experts across three main fields. These were technology, entertainment and design. Since then it has grown and grown and covers a wide range of topics presented by experts in fields such as education, nutrition, advertising and many, many more. There are two main TED Talks each year held in Long Beach California and Palm Springs. There is also a TEDGlobal talk that takes place in Edinburgh in Scotland. Other initiatives organised by TED include;  TEDTalks video site, the Open Translation Project and Open TV Project, the TED Fellows and TEDx programs, and the annual TED Prize.

The two videos below I chose because I think they represent very well what TED is all about; creativity, forward thinking, humour and ground breaking ideas that are very well articulated.

The first talk is by an English man named Sir Ken Robinson. Robinson believes passionately that the education system operating in every society across the globe is fundamentally flawed and because of this, only serves to kill the innate creativity that we are all born with.  He famously says in his address that “if you’re not prepared to be wrong you’ll never come up with anything original”. I couldn’t agree more! It’s also important to say that this talk was recorded at TED 2006 but in my opinion is as relevant today if not more so that it was then. The talk is 20 minutes long but well worth the watch.

The second talk was given by another English man named Rory Sutherland who is an advertising guru in the UK. The talk outlines how advertisers essentially sell perceived value or intangible value as Sutherland calls it. He highlights that going forward intangible value should make up a greater proportion of actual value and this could relieve pressure on our natural resources, labour costs and so on.  Sutherland gives a very funny example involving a train journey and an advertising campaign run by Shreddies in America. The talk was given in 2009 and is about 16 minutes long. Again it’s well worth the watch.

I think both of the above talks are excellent but also I think they complement one another very well. In the sense that if education systems remains stagnant how can we remain creative enough to enhance intangible value and maximize the consumer experience.

I hope you enjoyed watching both or at least one of the videos and let us know what you think by leaving a comment.

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