Facebook Fan Pages get Upgraded


Facebook Pages changing for the betterFacebook fan (like) pages are being changed to look more like user profiles. These changes will be permanent from the 1st of March but can be previewed at the moment. Changes include things like:

  • An image reel at the top of the of the page (replacing traditional tabs).
  • The ability to comment on (and like) other pages as your brand page.
  • You can receive updates to your e-mail address when fans comment on and like your wall posts.
  • Wall posts will no longer appear in the order they were posted in. Now the top posts will be the ones that generate the most interaction.
  • Static FBML tabs are to be replaced by iFrames.
  • The tabs will now appear down the left hand side under the profile picture.

I think these changes will be really helpful for brands and will allow brands to take on a more human personality which is becoming so important in commerce today. To see a great example of the new pages, check out the Starbucks page. And to see the new pages explained fully have a look at the below video by TommyIsMyName. Enjoy and let us know what you think!

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