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Apple May Be Worth $300 Billion But Their PPC Ads Suck


ShareSo the most innovative company in the world have increased sales by 50% in 2010. They’re worth approximately $300 Billion ! And their growth is to continue into 2011 once again. It really is a remarkable achievement… Having said that, … Continue reading

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An Evernote Never Forgets!


ShareEvernote is a web and mobile based application that allows you to capture any piece of information anywhere and archive that piece of information in a secured location (your Evernote account). Although Evernote was founded six years ago in 2004 … Continue reading

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Google Apps, Google Gadgets & Google Products


ShareWe are all well aware at this stage just how powerful the Google Juggernaut seems to be at the moment; let’s face it, they’re taking over the world at the minute. Practically every single day, I hear or read about … Continue reading

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Digital Round – Up


ShareI gave a presentation in work the other day about recent developments in the digital world. As I was researching what was new I found myself really surprised about how much there was going on at the moment. So I … Continue reading

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You’ve Installed Google Analytics – But is it working?


ShareYou have definitely heard the saying “I know that 50% of my advertising works but I just don’t know which 50%”. The internet is an incredibly powerful medium for marketing products and services. The main reason among others why this … Continue reading

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Search Engine Optimisation For Google


ShareSearch Engine Optimisation is the set of processes involved in optimising your websites for Search Engines. When you browse a SERP (Search Engine Results Page) you encounter listings of websites (and recently enough – images, videos, maps, tweets…) referring to the … Continue reading

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Google Instant Will Change The Way We Search


Share Google introduced a new feature this week called Google Instant that will change the way we search. The benefits of Google Instant being 1) faster searches, 2) smarter predictions and 3) instant results. As we know by now, Google … Continue reading

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HTML5 – Google Chrome Experiments


Share HTML5 is without being too technical, or getting into the Flash vs HTML5 debate the next revision of HTML. What this means from the average users perspective is that things will just run smoother and more efficiently than before. … Continue reading

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Google Realtime – A Realtime Search Engine for Social Media


ShareBelow Aindreas wrote a great post outlining all the acquisitions Google have made in different markets since 2001. And although Google are never shy about splashing their cash when they spot a good deal, for example Youtube in November 2006 … Continue reading

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Google Acquisition Graphic – Google Are Taking Over The World


ShareHere is a really great Google Acquisition Graphic that shows exactly what the gargantuan search engine has been doing since 2001. Google has been recently snapping up innovative startup companies in social networking, mobile technology and graphical advertising.

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