Augmented Reality in Ireland


Use of Augmented Reality in IrelandAugmented Reality is still in its infancy around the world. At present most people on the street wouldn’t be able to tell you what it is and only a few advertisers are experimenting with how they can use it in marketing campaigns.

Augmented Reality has many forms, from the most basic such as the lines in the pitch for TV during NFL games, to the more complex such as the recent Forever 21 campaign in Times Square.

Recent uses of Augmented Reality by global brands include Hallmarks latest range of cards that bring greetings to life with a webcam. Other brands to dabble in Augmented Reality include BMW, Lynx and Stella Artois. Adidas even brought out a special shoe that allowed buyers to play an Augmented Reality game with the tongue of their shoe through a webcam!

From an Irish point of view there is not much happening at the moment. Many brands have just realised the powers of Social Media so to suggest Augmented Reality to them would be like trying to convince a teenager to skip school and go straight to college!

However, there are exceptions to the rule. Both Daft and Dublin Bikes use Augmented Reality apps to offer their users a unique experience. Here is a sample video of how Daft use Augmented Reality:

Dublin Bikes have a similar app. Your phone locates the nearest bike station, and gives you the number of free bikes and free stands available to collect or drop off your rented bike. As a user of the Dublin Bikes scheme I find this information amazing especially during peak times.

Both these apps sit on the one app, the Layar app which is available on both iTunes and the Android marketplace. And best of all the app is free!

There are other apps to play with on the Layar App too, some gimmicky, some half useful such as Tweets or Youtube videos near by and others such as Dublin Bus and Dublin Trains.

The point I wanted to make is that in the next couple of years many creative agencies in Dublin and across the world will start suggesting Augmented Reality to their clients. But creating something for the sake of it should be avoided.

Both the Daft Augmented Reality App and the Dublin Bikes App are not only very cool but are useful too. These companies have set the bar and everything that follows should be aiming to improve on this!

Is Augmented Reality something you plan on using in the Future?

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