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Four Tips for Social Media Success


ShareIn the last two or three years Social Media has become a huge part of the marketing mix for a lot of companies. 2011 is only going to see Social Media reach new heights particularly with the growth of smart … Continue reading

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LadyUmbrella – An Essential Casestudy for Starting An Online Business In Ireland


ShareSO you want to start an online business in Ireland? I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Robert Ryan – he co-owns LadyUmbrella with the amazingly talented Elena Montes who created the concept and does all the artwork and designing … Continue reading

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Make Money on Twitter – 50 Cent Style


ShareCelebrities have been making money on tweets since Twitters inception. Not only that but they have been earning plenty of free produce along the way too. Recently though rapper 50 Cent took making money on Twitter to a whole new … Continue reading

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How Much Klout Do You Have?


ShareKlout is a company that was founded by Joe Fernandez and Binh Tran in early 2008. It came about mainly because Fernandez spent three month with his jaw wired shut (after an operation) leaving him almost completely dependent on social … Continue reading

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So you want to start a web startup?


Share I found this on Digg the other day and really had to post it here. It’s slightly NSFW as one character in particular curses a lot but sadly there is a lot of truth in this video.

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Three Ireland Are Now On Twitter


ShareLast month I wrote a blog post about Three Ireland badly needing to get involved with Social Media to defend their brand. It was essentially explaining why online reputation management is so important to brands. Well I’ve got some GREAT … Continue reading

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Google Acquisition Graphic – Google Are Taking Over The World


ShareHere is a really great Google Acquisition Graphic that shows exactly what the gargantuan search engine has been doing since 2001. Google has been recently snapping up innovative startup companies in social networking, mobile technology and graphical advertising.

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Three Ireland Badly Need Social Media


ShareFollowing on from my previous post about why your business needs social media, I’ve come across a peach of an example to explain to you why Three Ireland badly need Social Media. One of the major golden benefits of social … Continue reading

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Your Business Needs Social Media


ShareLet’s keep this simple. If you own a business in Ireland, and people are talking about it on the big bad internet, then your business needs social media in some shape or form. If you’re an entrepreneur who is planning … Continue reading

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