LinkedIn Ireland Stats

LinkedIn Usage In Ireland

Google Ad Planner - February 2011 Data

To the right, you can see LinkedIn Ireland stats courtesy of Google Ad Planner. Linkedin has amassed 100 million members worldwide. LinkedIn first came on the scene in 2003 and has enjoy steady growth over that period of time.  After the jump below, check out the infographic, there are some pretty amazing stats about those 100 million users on LinkedIn. And if you know someone who is looking for a job (who doesn’t at the moment?!), tell them to get on LinkedIn and to update their profile and get involved because it’s a great bathrooms dublin place to find recruiters and to be found. Continue reading

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Eminem Does It Again – This Time For Chrysler


YouTube Ad Blitz has rated the Eminem and Chrysler video as the best commercial in the Super Bowl in 2011.

And to date, it’s amassed almost 10 million views…and the folks in Detroit were pretty happy about it too.

You can check it out here… Continue reading

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One Billion Views On YouTube

Eminem-One Billion Views On YouTube

Eminem Does It Because He Can

One billion views on YouTube is no easy feat. Michael Jackson has been hovering around the circa 600 million view mark for a while. We all thought he would be the next person to hit one billion views on YouTube. It’s a big deal because YouTube is the second biggest search engine on the planet. Lady GaGa was the first person to hit one billion views on YouTube. She did it in October 2010. This wasn’t at all surprising considering she is so current and fresh. Continue reading

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Angry Birds Go Green


Angry Birds Go Green for St Patrick's DayThe worlds favourite App has joined forces with the worlds favourite nationality!

The latest update to the Angry Birds seasons sees 15 new St Patricks Day themed levels complete with shamrocks, leprechaun hats for the pigs and pots of gold to beat the band. Within the app there is also functionality to send friends a St Patricks Day greeting card. Continue reading

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Facebook Fan Pages get Upgraded


Facebook Pages changing for the betterFacebook fan (like) pages are being changed to look more like user profiles. These changes will be permanent from the 1st of March but can be previewed at the moment. Changes include things like:

  • An image reel at the top of the of the page (replacing traditional tabs).
  • The ability to comment on (and like) other pages as your brand page.
  • You can receive updates to your e-mail address when fans comment on and like your wall posts.
  • Wall posts will no longer appear in the order they were posted in. Now the top posts will be the ones that generate the most interaction.
  • Static FBML tabs are to be replaced by iFrames.
  • The tabs will now appear down the left hand side under the profile picture. Continue reading
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Two TED’s are Better than One!


TED, Ideas Worth SpreadingTED is a non profit organisation that is dedicated to “ideas worth spreading”. It was founded in 1984 with the aim of bringing together experts across three main fields. These were technology, entertainment and design. Since then it has grown and grown and covers a wide range of topics presented by experts in fields such as education, nutrition, advertising and many, many more. There are two main TED Talks each year held in Long Beach California and Palm Springs. There is also a TEDGlobal talk that takes place in Edinburgh in Scotland. Other initiatives organised by TED include;  TEDTalks video site, the Open Translation Project and Open TV Project, the TED Fellows and TEDx programs, and the annual TED Prize.

The two videos below I chose because I think they represent very well what TED is all about; creativity, forward thinking, humour and ground breaking ideas that are very well articulated. Continue reading

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Digital Waves nominated for Irish Blog Awards 2011Just a quick note to say that just got nominated for the Irish Blog Awards 2011 as “Best Newcomer” and “Best Group Blog”. This is fantastic for us and we really appreciate the nomination. We’d like to thank our readers for the nomination and we look forward to delivering our thoughts on the digital marketing industry in the future. We’re also looking forward to the awards night up in Belfast which should be a great night for all concerned! Continue reading

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Four Tips for Social Media Success


keys to social media successIn the last two or three years Social Media has become a huge part of the marketing mix for a lot of companies. 2011 is only going to see Social Media reach new heights particularly with the growth of smart phones. However because Social Media (SM) has become so main stream and most companies engage in some sort of social activity it is imperative that brands give themselves the best possible chance of cutting through the noise. To do this brands need a strategy. It’s not just a case of setting up profiles and updating them every now and then. Below I outline four steps that will help you to devise a solid SM strategy.

The four steps are:

  1. Listen (conduct research)
  2. Set clear objectives
  3. Prepare content and dedicate resources
  4. Review Continue reading
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LadyUmbrella – An Essential Casestudy for Starting An Online Business In Ireland


lady-umbrellaSO you want to start an online business in Ireland? I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Robert Ryan – he co-owns LadyUmbrella with the amazingly talented Elena Montes who created the concept and does all the artwork and designing behind the brand. This is a business I’ve a lot of respect for; the business has a great story which can only inspire people to follow their passion. They’re also one of the best companies in the country (imo) at using the internet to leverage their brand and business. The interview below is essential for those interested in starting an online business in Ireland. This is a business with a personal touch. I added Rob on twitter months back as I had come across the business one day and was really impressed with their social media presence. He sent me a personalised tweet asking me how I was, if I had seen the UFC recently (he read my bio) and if I needed any help to give him a holler. When was the last time someone you followed on Twitter sent you a nice tweet like that? Continue reading

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Are Social Networks Actually Social?


We're all digitally connectedI think this is a really interesting question. Essentially social networks are web based platforms that allow us to share as much or little of our lives as we want to. To be fair, I probably think about this question more than most as I work on the social media team of a digital marketing agency. The conclusion I have come to is yes and no.  I think this is because essentially it depends upon who engages with social media and more than that what social network they utilise.

It is very different for brands and people. For brands social media is a medium like any other, like TV or radio or billboards. It’s a way for them to communicate with their target audience. The fundamental difference of course is that social media allows instant feedback and brands (employees acting on a brands behalf) can have conversations with target audiences in real time which has never been possible before. So from a brands point of view, absolutely I think social networks are social because it gives that brand a voice that allows it to interact with real people (existing and potential customer). I genuinely don’t think there is any better way for a brand to interact with its community than through the medium of social media. Continue reading

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